3D Orchid Flower instructions

Orchid Flower Instructions

Things needed: 1.5 inch shocking pink grosgrain, 5/8 inch white and shocking pink grosgrain & Yellow 3/8 inch grosgrain.

Cut 5 strips of 1.5 inch shocking pink ribbon each measuring 1.75 inches.

Fold and cut as shown above.

Heat seal the ends

Repeat the steps above with the other four strips.

Take two petals and glue in between the ribbon

i am using hotglue here.

Just a little dab of glue is fine!

Now hold the center as shown and tie them using a thread!

As shown above!

Take the remaining five petals and align as shown above

Glue inbetween the ribbons

Glue the two petals on top of the three petals!

As shown above!

For antennas: Take 6 strips of 5/8 inch grosgrain ribbon. 3 in white and 3 in pink

Cut the ends as shown

Repeat the same!

Take one of each color and glue on side ways, as shown!


Position them as shown!

For yellow center: Take 3/8 inch yellow grosgrain and make a knot.

and another two knots

Cut the ends and fold them on the back using the glue

Like a ball!

Assemble everything!

Glue the yellow ribbon ball on the center of the three tiny antennas.

Little glue on the side of the yellow ball

Then lift the shocking pink antenna like a cone!

Repeat this for the other 3 sides

your 3D orchid flower ready! Can be used as a hair clippie:)

If you are unsure or having difficulty, please contact me.

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