Tutu Hairbow instructions

Tutu Hair bow

 This is my new tutu bow.
Now tutorial:
things you need tulle and 3/8 inch grosgrain plus alligator clip
first let us make the tulle bow

1.Cut the tulle in rectangular strips(total 6 + 6 strips, we are making double layered) 1.5" x 5.5"

2.keep 6 strips seperate. we will start that after we finish the first one.
3.hold the center of the strip and start gathering one by one firmly(only six strips). use the thread and tighten

them.now fluff it

I got this mega size roll of thread for 10 cents in down town LA:)

4.Do the same for second one(the next six strips). they will look like a pom pom now. keep an eye on the center knot.

tulle bows are ready.
Now we have to make the wings.It is a 3 loopy bow with no tails.
i dont measure them becos i really feel uneasy when i fold them.
1.take the tip and heat seal.

2.start a fold, every new fold goes back of the bow. It is like you are rolling your ribbon.

3.End your 3rd loop on the front. tie them using your thread.

4.Now flip the bow becos the front where you ended your wings becomes back side the bow.

1.take your lined alligator clip.

2. put glue on the center knot of your first tulle bow attach them to your clip.(just use you thumb and index finger to keep away the tulles)

3. Now use the second tulle bow and attach them on the top of the first tulle.
(the reason i used two tulle bows are becos when i tie everything into one, i am not able to bring the

color of the tulle, Also by this way the tulle looks more fluffy on the front)

4. Use your 3/8 inch grosgrain to make a flat center tie.

The bow is ready.
I used a pink rhine stone on top to give a sparkle look!

Thank you

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